Key Indicators

  • Blockchain Network: NEAR
  • Total Supply: 1,100,000,000 FAME token
  • Initial Circulating supply at TGE: $11,220,000
  • Listing price: $0,03
  • Initial Market Cap: $336,600
  • Token: FAME & ME

I. Details information

1. Project Overview

Farm Me is a cooperative construction game built on the Near Blockchain platform. Farm Me was built…

We are pleased to inform you that the whitelist registration for DragonSB is now officially open.

“Saving” your $ANTEX on VNDT wallet, ‘’Burn’’ $ANTEX and follow steps to receive Private Sale offerings. This blog will be updated when new information becomes available

1. Getting Whitelisted

Mandatory tasks

  1. ‘’Saving’’ 1,000,000 ANTEX…

Antex Official

Antex — A Decentralize Financial Infrastructure

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