A Comprehensive Look about Farm Me

Key Indicators

  • Blockchain Network: NEAR
  • Total Supply: 1,100,000,000 FAME token
  • Initial Circulating supply at TGE: $11,220,000
  • Listing price: $0,03
  • Initial Market Cap: $336,600
  • Token: FAME & ME

I. Details information

1. Project Overview

Farm Me is a cooperative construction game built on the Near Blockchain platform. Farm Me was built as a farming game with aspects of survival to immerse you in the enticing fictional Metaverse, the first Fantasy Metaverse experience for you.

Fame Me creates a world of Play, Connect, Experience, and Earn based on augmented and virtual reality technologies. With stunning 3D visuals, an engaging story, and unique gameplay, Farm Me is not just a marketplace for earning money, but also a wonderful game worth playing with the most ardent gamers, promising to satisfy even the most demanding gamers.

Farm Me’s misson is to use the internet platform to generate cash (dubbed Farm Me Community Funds — FMCF) in order to convey humanistic and authentic ideals to the actual world.

Farm Me benefits from them core team’s over ten years of experience in game creation and blockchain. Additionally, advisers have a crypto/blockchain experience and are the most well-known professionals in their respective communities. Farm Me’s unique features and approach position it to become one of the major 3D GameFi metaverses in the future, providing investors with a long-term return as it expands sustainably.

2. Backer and Partners

3. Core Team

Farm Me’s crew is comprised of full-time professionals with many experience in blockchain-related businesses like as gaming, finance, and marketing.

Farm Me team is continuously striving to provide its clients with the best games possible.

4. Gameplay

Becoming a true citizen with imaginative characters:

Choose 1 of 6 character classes such as Farmer, Agent, Police, Soldier, Special Force, Super Hero.

  • Farm & breed on the land that you already own
  • Fish & mine to increase income
  • Cook from your farm produce to create dishes that increase Hero’s stats
  • Complete daily tasks to get rewards

Adventures without ends :

  • Meet & connect with new friends
  • Own mythical pets by playing the role of a hunter at a hunting island.
  • Kill bosses for rewards and hunt for rare items with Friend Power

Show off personal color palette:

  • Customize the character: The Fashion feature of the game makes your Hero not only unique, but also increases the original stats.
  • Architecture: creatively build and own your own house, architectural works in your style.
  • Crafting: unleash your imagination with hundreds of recipes to design useful and beautiful items.

In Farm Me, you are not alone:

  • The bustling town is a place to exchange ,meet other gamers, chat, trade and give gifts.
  • Players can date and match in the game to create the next generation of Heroes.
  • Decentralized forum where users can discuss game activities, find out upcoming voting schedules in Decentralized Organizations, find new friends, etc.

Community events create practical community value:

  • Create practical value by participating in Game Farm Me’s dedicated crowdfunding activity.
  • Give interesting or rare items to friends and relatives.
  • Job platform to increase income: Those who have excess money but lack time can post job ads to support people; People with little money can go to work to get richer.

5. Roadmap


  • Project Start
  • Build Core Team
  • Build Core Game
  • Concept & Idea — Development


  • Design & Prototype
  • Development
  • Official Launch


  • Website Launch
  • Strategic Partnership
  • Private Sales
  • Marketing strategy


  • Airdrop
  • Alpha Test
  • Beta Test


  • IDO
  • Listing
  • Special Event
  • Airdrop Round Continue


  • Game release V1
  • Farming & Staking
  • Community Events
  • NFT Marketplace


  • Game release V2
  • New features


  • Improve cross — chain NFT interoperability
  • Game services
  • Blockchain Game


  • AR/VR Experience

6. Game Mode

Battle: PvE (Solo, Co-op mode), PvP (Death Match, Flag Robbery)

Event: Daily Event (Dungeon & Quest), Weekly Event (Arena), Monthly Event (Tournament/ Seasonal event)


II. Token Economy

1. Tokenomics

2. Vesting

Farm Me Information / Farm Me Socials

Farm Me was built as a farming game with aspects of survival to immerse you in the enticing fictional Metaverse, the first Fantasy Metaverse experience for you.

Fame Me creates a world of Play, Connect, Experience, and Earn based on augmented and virtual reality technologies.

Fanpage | Twitter | Youtube | Discord | Medium

Antex Information / Antex Socials

AntEx is a decentralized financial ecosystem that provides an ever-growing suite of decentralized services & solutions. AntEx ecosystem focuses on:

  • Changes and improvements in financial payment gateways.
  • Build VNDT stablecoin that has the same value as VND fiat and is backed by the most legal organizations.
  • Crypto Asset Management & NFT
  • Start-up incubators for startups
  • DEX — Decentralized exchange
  • Building and providing a blockchain platform.

Global Community Telegram |Twitter |Medium | Reddit |Linkedin |Youtube| Facebook




Antex — A Decentralize Financial Infrastructure

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