Announcement of the partnership between Antex Ecosystem and Metan Evolutions

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2 min readFeb 19, 2022

NFT games have become one of the most sought-after game genres today, in addition to the cryptocurrency market’s rapid growth and breaking of several records. NFT games are quickly becoming the first choice of players due to their engaging gameplay and large earnings.

The NFT game is also a profitable environment for smart investors, with numerous high-value transactions. On the other side, it fosters the mindset of trying to become wealthy, which leads to a large number of players signing up for an NFT gaming account. Antex Ecosystem is excited to announce a partnership with Metan Evolutions.

About Metan Evolutions

Metan Evolutions is a great project in the NFT Game market. This product has fantastic graphics. It is a hybrid of the Idle Game style, which allows players to unwind in PVE mode, and the Turn-based style, which combines highly competitive and tactical elements in PVP mode.

You will be controlling an elite and powerful army to protect the city from Zombies in the apocalypse. With interesting game modes like Campaign, PVP, PVE, you will live in a real battle — where you can freely show your skills and earn money!

Those are the things that help investors get financial benefits without spending too much time.

With the game’s special features, Metan Evolution can confidently reach and expand to a large number of players, enticing them to invest in the product to the greatest extent possible.

Learn more about Metan Evolutions:

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About Antex Ecosystem

Antex is a decentralized financial ecosystem that provides an ever-growing suite of decentralized services & solutions. Antex ecosystem focuses on:

  • Changes and improvements in financial payment gateways.
  • Build VNDT stablecoin that has the same value as VND fiat and is backed by the most legal organizations.
  • Crypto Asset Management & NFT
  • Start-up incubators for startups
  • DEX — Decentralized exchange
  • Building and providing a blockchain platform.

Antex Ecosystem long-term vision and mission: being the most convenient, optimized, and secured platform for “Developers, Project Owners, and Community.”

Founded in the early 2021, Antex raised a total of $7.3 million, in which $4.8 millions through ANTEX token sale and $2.5 million from NextTech Group and Next100 Venture, setting the stage for Antex to scale and grow even further, in response to the high demand of customer in both CeFi & DeFi spaces. Significantly, Antex hits over 100,000 active users in more than 50 countries around the world and targets 1,000,000 users in the next year, with the aim to become the Finance Hub of all blockchains.

Learn more about Antex Ecosystem, HERE

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