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2 min readJun 6, 2022

There are four more days on the calendar before you can vote for Antex on ByBit, the world’s fastest-growing cryptocurrency exchange and trading platform, trusted by millions of users globally. If we get the largest number of votes and win this voting competition, $ANTEX will be listed on the ByBit Spot Trading Platform. Moreover, if Antex gets listed on ByBit, the reward pool of $50,000 ANTEX will be airdropped, as a reward for our successful listing, to all participants who have voted for us.

Now, get ready to make your vote for Antex and share the $ANTEX reward pool worth $50,000!

Check now:


  • Snapshots taken: 2022–06–08 23:59:59 AM UTC
  • Voting time: 2022–06–09 3:00:00 AM UTC — 2022–06–10 3:00:00 AM UTC
  • Airdrop: 2022–06–10 3:00:00 AM UTC — 2022–06–10 5:00:00 AM UTC
  • Winner Listing: 2022–06–10 10:00:00 AM UTC


STEP 01: Register a Bybit account; click here:

STEP 02: Verify your identity via KYC Lv. 1

Receive one (1) ByVotes coupon worth 50 votes in total upon verification.

If you have yet to verify your identity, do it before June 09, 2022, at 03:00:00 AM UTC to receive one (1) ByVote coupon.

STEP 03: Deposit USDT to your Bybit accounts (Spot, Derivatives and Earn)

Deposit USDT , every 1 USDT will get 1 Vote (max 10,000 vote). ByBit will take a snapshot of all your accounts on June 08, 2022, 23:59:59 AM UTC.

The more USDT you hold in your accounts, the more votes for Antex you will receive.


1. Each ByVote coupon can only be used once.

2. Users in restricted countries are not allowed to participate in the event.

3. Users can vote multiple times and for multiple projects during the voting period.

4. Users can cast a maximum of 10,000 votes for each featured project during the voting period.

5. Eligible users will receive votes for holding USDT in their Subaccount(s). Votes, if any, will be airdropped to their Main Accounts. Users will not be able to vote with their Subaccount(s).

6. Only users who have voted for the winning project will receive rewards. Reward(s), if any, will be airdropped directly to the users’ Spot Accounts.

7. Users will receive a maximum of 1% of the total prize pool.


Established in March 2018, ByBit is the world’s fastest-growing cryptocurrency exchange and trading platform, trusted by over 2 million users globally. Bybit brings the Crypto World with a full product suite : Spot, Derivatives, NFT Marketplace, Bybit Earn, Buy Crypto, and Options.

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